What’s In My Bag: Take a Peek Inside a Fashion Bloggers Handbag

fashion bloggers handbag

What’s In My Bag: Take a Peek Inside a Fashion Bloggers Handbag

Have you ever wondered what's in a fashion bloggers handbag? Are they organized by compartments or full of copious amounts of receipts and junk? A purse is like a second home that carries your everyday essentials in a trendy way.

I personally, prefer smaller bags as I am a small person. Whether your bag is a mini or a large, it is your best friend!

Check out what I carry in my handbag every day!

Saint Laurent Medium Kate Embossed Lizard Shoulder Bag - $2,450 

Fashion Bloggers Handbag

The medium Kate bag is one of Saint Laurent’s most popular bag silhouettes. My Kate bag is metallic silver embossed lizard leather with the traditional YSL monogram logo. There are two card holder slots inside the bag with a ribbed lining. The bag itself is very sturdy and the chain is adjustable. Mine was a limited edition, therefore, YSL no longer carries it, but you can find similar Kate bags in different colors and textures.

Saint Laurent Embossed Lizard Card Holder - $295

When it comes to wallets I prefer the smallest wallet possible. The YSL card holder is amazing! It holds my top essentials; credit cards, driver's license, and insurance cards. All other cards I would typically carry are now on apps on my iPhone. Unfortunately, the gold metallic wallet is no longer available, but Saint Laurent offers a wide assortment of card holders that are similar and affordable. With every card holder, YSL gives you a one year warranty and will repair it if it becomes damaged.

Fashion Bloggers Handbag

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick - $37

Fashion Bloggers Handbag

My Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick is in the shade 94 Extatique. The lipstick glides on smoothly to reveal a pink satin finish and is infused with almond oil, green tea, & sappan wood. This lipstick is meant for long wear coverage and will hydrate your lips. Rouge Allure comes in 26 shades so you too can find your perfect match!

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Oil in Stick - $37  

YSL Rouge Volupte is my favorite lipstick of all time. I carry Rouge Volupte in the shade Beige Blouse. The lipstick has a yummy mango fragrance, and it melts on your lips with the first application. Your lips are left looking glossy, with a subtle pop of color. The formula contains 6 oils to fulfill 6 benefits that YSL promises; hydration, high shine, comfort, ultra-melting, luminosity, and smoothness.

Fashion Bloggers Handbag

Bath & Body Warm Vanilla Sugar PocketBac - $1.75

Fashion Bloggers Handbag

Sanitization is highly important and I always have a hand sanitizer in my bag. The warm vanilla sugar scent is so enticing and silky. I only use hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works because they're tiny and come in a variety of fragrances. I like to alternate between them depending on the seasons, so warm vanilla sugar will not always be in my bag. This scent is one of Bath & Body Works signature hand sanitizers so it is available year round! Tip: Purchase in a pack of 5 for a better deal!

Doterra: Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend - $32.67

Slim and Sassy is an essential oil that serves to aid the metabolic system. It is not proven or meant for the purpose of losing weight, but more for killing cravings. I use Slim and Sassy in my diffuser and I add one drop in my water every morning, and before going to the gym. The oil can also be mixed with coconut oil and rubbed on your abdomen. It is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, therefore, you are inhaling and ingesting oil at it's purest stage.

Fashion Bloggers Handbag

PNY Portable Charger - $9.74

Fashion Bloggers Handbag

A portable charger is probably the second most important item in my handbag. I am always on my phone or on the go, so I need a reliable charger and the PNY Universal charger is the most reliable one I’ve owned. It is not bulky, charges at lightning speed, and it's affordable.

Guard Dog Security Pepper Spray - $12.99

Being an independent, young woman in Los Angeles makes you susceptible to unsafe situations when alone. I make sure I am protected with my Guard Dog security pepper spray. The pepper spray is made of red hot chili peppers and has a glow in the dark nozzle in case you need it at night. Guard Dog's spray stream has been tested to reach a range of 16 feet and has top-notch spray precision. The best part of this pepper spray is that it’s bedazzled and comes in three other colors; pink, black, red, and blue!

Fashion Bloggers Handbag

Ban.do Chill Pills Keychain - $18

Fashion Bloggers Handbag

This keychain was a gift from a friend and it is just to cute not to include with my keys. Ban.do has so many great products, everything from iPhone cases, to stationary and in between.

Hello Kitty House Key - $3.98

My Hello Kitty house key is the perfect complement to the the rest of my keychains. I took my house key to Home Depot and they duplicated it to this adorable Hello Kitty key. Over time the paint on key will chip with use, but it's totally worth it for the great price.

Fashion Bloggers Handbag

What can't you leave home with out? Comment below! 



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