5 Fun Things To Do in LA This Winter With Your Besties!

Fun Things To Do in LA This Winter

5 Fun Things To Do in LA This Winter With Your Besties!

Ah, Winter: snowfall, shivering-cold weather, snowmen and snow angels... okay so winter in California may not offer your average white, winter-wonderland, but there are still plenty of fun, chic places to visit and things to do in always-sunny Los Angeles! So grab some friends and let me plan you an exciting day out in the city! Here are five fun things to do in LA this winter with your besties!

Breakfast and Mimosas at the BBCM Cafe 

Fun Things To Do in LA This Winter

What better way to start off your girls day than with a hot, yummy breakfast and some bubbly? The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker a.k.a BBCM, (how cute is that name, right?) is a great little spot for brunch! The cafe roasts their own coffee so you can be sure to wake up properly. Come in and try their Colorburst Latte; it's so cute and looks great on Instagram! The Butcher's bloody mary is garnished with a tiny finger sandwich (a meal in and of itself), and they also offer Mimosa Flights where you can sample every delicious rendition of this morning delight. BBCM offers menu items for everyone; the vegan grain bowl tastes great and is popular with vegans and non-vegans alike! Popular menu items also include their bacon maple scones, and their eggs benedict is to die for!


Unwind and Relax at Wi Korean Spa

Fun Things To Do in LA This Winter

Image: Amanda Mills

Need a fun, relaxing place to spend the day? Wi Korean Spa has you covered! With plenty of service options to choose from, ranging from body scrub treatments, to acupressure and massages, to manicures and pedicures and also microdermabrasion facials, this spa does it all! And they're open twenty-four hours! Great for you, the customer, because there's so much to see and explore here! Wi has several different sauna rooms. The himalayan salt sauna as shown in the photograph, helps to improve respiration, blood circulation, and muscle relaxation. Along with their slimming massages, Wi also has a full-body workout gym in the building. Don't worry if you forgot to bring a change of clothes, the spa provides shirts, shorts, towels, and water to their guests. All you need is a pair of gym shoes! When you’re done with your beauty regime, don’t forget to have lunch at Jimjilbang, their restaurant on site which serves tasty Korean cuisine. Come spend a fun, relaxing girls day at Wi Spa.


Dinner at Here's Looking at You Restaurant 

Fun Things To Do in LA This Winter

A new restaurant that took the place of a former cheesesteak shop in Koreatown, this little bistro has impressed food critics and new diners alike with it's creative menu options and it's inspired handcrafted cocktails. Dishes are tasty, beautifully garnished, and sure to give your taste buds a buzz they never expected. With featured desserts as unique as: chocolate tart, coconut meringue, passion fruit, lemongrass panna cotta, strawberry rhubarb pie, peanut... who wouldn't want a spoonful? Take your girls on a culinary adventure at Here's Looking at You.


Have Drinks at the Wonderful World of Clifton's 

Fun Things To Do in LA This Winter

Clifton's features a glowing sign outfront: "Cabinet of Curiosities," and that's exactly what you get at this uniquely designed, three-story bar and cafeteria. With several places to purchase hand-crafted beer and cocktails; and offering comfort food in the way of appetizers, entrees, and dessert, Clifton's was designed to get lost in, and it is totally easy and fun to do! With bridges that cross over flowing rivers, caves that lead to old-fashioned photo booths, glassed-in areas overlooking the bar, and a variety of different inanimate wildlife, this bar is a must-visit for everyone! This prestigious location has been featured on an episode of Worth It on Buzzfeed, and was the site of a cocktail party on Rachel's season of The Bachelorette. You and your friends can get lost in the wonderful world of Clifton’s, and perhaps never want to be found.


Party All Night At Poppy Night Club

Fun Things To Do in LA This Winter

Image: Eater LA

Be sure to end your girls day properly at Poppy in West Hollywood. Exclusive, encompassing, surreal, and whimsical, Poppy's nightclub may only be open on Thursday evenings, but it is absolutely worth making time for in your schedule. This nightclub is designed to whisk away it's visitors into a surrealist world of nostalgia and fantasy. Patrons will come face-to-face with characters from storybooks and be the center of activities such as caricature drawings and personalized poetry. You and your ladies will love partying the night away in the fairytale land at Poppy.


As you can see, there are tons of fun things to do in LA this winter. Los Angeles is a city with so much going on that the options are endless. When you and your friends are trying to figure out how to spend your girls day and want to try something different, you can be sure you’ll have a memorable experience at one of these amazing places.



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