Blue Box Cafe

Dreams Do Come True: Dine In Style Like Holly Golightly At Blue Box Cafe

Tiffany & Co.’s New York flagship store just opened up Blue Box Cafe, which is a Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired restaurant, a.k.a--a dream come true. Here you can dine like Holly Golightly and sip coffee (or tea), eat a croissant, while wearing your black evening gloves, diamonds, and tiara.
The prices are preset, with breakfast being $29, lunch $39, and tea $49. The breakfast menu starts you off with either fresh fruit or a croissant (obviously), but not just any plain croissant. This one consists of Nutella, honey butter, and winter preserves. Then choose between four different entrees like truffle eggs, or a buttermilk waffle. The lunch menu has a selection of appetizers like mushroom soup or a chopped salad. There are five entrees to pick from like a chicken BLT sandwich, or a Fifth Avenue Salad. The Tiffany Tea menu has a selection of fine teas by Bellocq, and small plates like finger sandwiches, or hummus and olive tapenade. For sweets and pastries, make a choice between a coconut brownie, Blue Box Petits Fours, or Sweet and Savory Scones! The Holly Golightly and Blair Waldorf approved menu will change each season. You can view it here.
Blue Box Cafe

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The decadent restaurant is adorned in Tiffany blue from floor to ceiling. Richard Moore, the vice president and creative director of Blue Box Cafe recently told told Vanity Fair, “Design of the space began from the idea of immersion in Tiffany—not only the feeling of being inside a blue box, but surrounded by Tiffany hospitality.”
PS: You can now buy Tiffany & Co. “paper cups,” which are actually bona china designed to look like a typical paper coffee cup.
Blue Box Cafe will be open during regular store hours, Monday through Saturday 10am - 5:30pm, and Sunday’s 12pm - 4:30pm.
Tiffany & Co. Flagship Store
Fifth Avenue and 57th Street  / New York, NY 10022 / 213.755.8000

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