Beat The Traffic with My 5 Must Listen to Podcasts

5 Must Listen to Podcasts

Beat The Traffic with My 5 Must Listen to Podcasts

In Los Angeles, traffic is inevitable. You’re going to hit it no matter where you’re going or whenever you decide to get to drive. Since I find myself in my car quite often, I’ve taken a serious liking to podcasts. I listen to at least one episode a day and I’ve found that it not only makes my commute go by quicker, but I also feel like I am keeping up with the news, laughing more, and learning something new every day. In the last few months I’ve noticed more and more of my friends mentioning podcasts and it’s introduced me to some really incredible stories and some great advice. The shows I listen to get me so hooked, that I end up listening in my home while I’m cleaning, cooking, or sometimes when I’m getting ready for the day or night. They’re becoming more and more popular and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you guys. Here are my 5 must listen to podcasts.

The Daily is a journalism podcast by the New York Times and hosted by Michael Barbaro. It’s the perfect quick fix of what’s important in the news that day. A new episode is released every day focusing on current events. I listen to it every morning while I’m getting ready or on my commute to work. I love how it keeps me informed in twenty minutes, five days a week.

The Daily Podcast
5 Must Listen to Podcasts

The Skinny Confidential is hosted by Lauryn Evarts and her husband Michael Bostick. Lauryn Evarts is the creator/author of the Skinny Confidential blog and book by the same name. Her husband Michael is a CEO of his own media company and gives great business tips. Every week they upload a new episode with a new “him and her tip”, usually focusing on beauty, lifestyle, and business advice. Each episode features a guest and they give insight on whatever their expertise may be. I was brought onto this podcast for my love for skin care. Lauryn and Michael have given some great advice on keeping a good complexion and feature some amazing experts like, Dr. Dennis Gross and Kate Somerville.

The Skinny Confidential Podcast

    I, MY FRIENDS, HAVE BEEN INSPECTING THE PRINCESS.But like aren’t we all?I mean, I’ll admit it- 10:14 PM, Southern Charm is in the background ( I’m new to the show AND I CANNOT ), IN BED, on my phone, screen-shotting my life away.Screen-shotting what you ask?MEGHAN MARKLE’S BEAUTY SECRETS- duh! First of all, if it’s…

5 Must Listen to Podcasts

Getting Curious is an all time favorite for me. Hosted by Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye on Netflix, he explores a new topic on each episode. They range from things like growing up as a first generation citizen, to the opioid crisis. This is an informative podcast that leaves you with the knowledge of something new at the end of every episode. With the addition of Jonathan’s hilarious sense of humor and sweet attitude it’s a show that keeps you excited for the new episodes to come in the weeks ahead.

Getting Curious Podcast
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5 Must Listen to Podcasts

Caught is a podcast about children who are incarcerated and produced by the WNYC. Each episode focuses on a different case and tells the full story of how and why the child ended up in jail. This podcasts raises questions about the juvenile judicial system and gives insight on the human brain. When I listened to the first episode, I couldn’t stop. Once I finished, I needed to listen to the next. It’s a heart wrenching show that informs you of things you may not often think about, but that are very prevalent in our society.

Caught Podcast
  • Watch: An Elegy by Dwayne Betts

    Throughout our series, you've heard from Dwayne Betts, an author, poet, law candidate and recent recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship. Below, watch an animated version of his poem, "Elegy Ending with a Cell Door Closing." To hear more about Dwayne's personal experience with the juvenile justice system, listen to Episode 1: 'I Just Want You to Come Home." 

5 Must Listen to Podcasts

The LadyGang is a fun podcast that has a new episode every Tuesday. The three hosts are Becca Tobin, Keltie Knight, and Jac Vanek. Every week they catch up with pop culture (my guilty pleasure), an advice section, and bring on a new guest. I always find myself laughing along while I'm listening and feeling completely entertained. Each of the girls bring an individual flavor that somehow mixes together perfectly. The LadyGang has had guests like Lea Michele, Patrick Starr, Whitney Port, and tons more.

The LadyGang Podcast



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