Here’s The One and Only July 4th Playlist To Celebrate With

Here’s The One and Only July 4th Playlist To Celebrate With

To most Americans, Independence Day means a long weekend, tons of food, and a lot - I mean A LOT - of beer. We created a July 4th playlist that will be perfect background music to all of your get-togethers. On July 4th, 1776, the leaders of America officially declared independence from Great Britain. 241 years later, we celebrate by relaxing, eating and tailgating.

The playlist we created can be used to add some good vibes to your beautiful summer day, with the smell of some tasty food cooking on the grill, a cold drink in hand and some great people around you. I know, especially in LA, people aren’t crazy about being patriotic right now. Even if everything that’s going on gets you down, you deserve to relax, hang out, and vibe this Tuesday. You also deserve to dress cute! Check out what to wear today written by our editor, Kristie, for some fashion inspiration.

Our intention with choosing the specific songs on our playlist was to showcase exceptional American artists. Even better, these artists are from cities all over the USA. Both Kanye West and Chance the Rapper are from Chicago. Bruno Mars is from Honolulu. Beyoncé is from Houston. These artists represent great cities from every corner of our vast nation. Of course, America’s exceptional talent doesn’t end with the artists we’ve included. We’ve made this July 4th playlist collaborative, so feel free to add any songs that make you feel Patriotic in the Spotify app. Our only request is that contributors stay away from overly explicit songs. Please be deliberate and thoughtful when adding music. I’m so excited to see what we curate together! Enjoy your holiday and, as always, be safe. 

Happy 4th Everyone!



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