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Many people like to go to the beach, or explore the city during summer with so many things to do (check out 50 Things To Do In Los Angeles). While others, like myself, prefer the comfort of turning the A/C, ordering some take out and binge watching some TV shows. It’s something different but very common in this day in age with all the streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. Here are some TV shows to check out during the summer (no particular order) when you don’t want to be in the heat.

Master of None

(Netflix - Stream Seasons 1-2)

TV Shows

Orange is the New Black

(Netflix - Stream Seasons 1-5)

TV Shows

Game of Thrones

(HBO/HBO Now - Stream Seasons 1-6 until the new season premieres on July 16th)

TV Shows

Broad City

(Hulu - Stream Seasons 1-3 until Season 4 premieres on Comedy Central, August 23rd)

TV Shows



(HBO Now - Season 1)

TV Shows

Stranger Things

(Netflix - Stream Season 1) 

TV Shows

Good Girls Revolt

(Amazon Prime Video - Stream Season 1)

TV Shows


(Showtime Go - Stream Seasons 1-7)

TV Shows

Twin Peaks 

(Showtime Go - Stream Seasons 1-3)

TV Shows


(Netflix - Stream Seasons 1-10)

TV Shows



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