5 Fitness Apps You Need In Your Life This Summer

5 fitness apps

5 Fitness Apps You Need In Your Life This Summer

We all follow at least one person on Instagram who posts workout videos, or post-workout selfies all the time, has a beautiful, healthy body and an insanely inspirational feed. It’s easy to dream about being fit, but it’s a lot harder to stick to a routine for long enough to get actual results, and it's even harder to keep that going throughout your life. We’ve gathered a list of 5 fitness apps you can use to enter or continue a cycle of regular exercise and good habits, so that you can work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Nike+ Training Club (Free)

5 fitness apps

The Nike+ Training Club app can be used by all current and aspiring athletes. Workouts are recommended to you by the app based on your answers to preliminary questions that ask for information like your gender, and how many times per week you work out. The workouts are categorized by focus into sections of strength, endurance, and mobility. Workouts like lifting, running, and yoga can be found in the respective sections. This app is great for people who like to have a range of workouts throughout the week. Seriously, who wants to run everyday in a week of workouts?

Nike+ Run Club (Free)

5 Fitness Apps
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But, if running happens to be your style, check out the Training Club’s sister app, Nike+ Run Club. I was hesitant about including two Nike+ apps, but ultimately I decided that both of these apps are so good that I couldn’t miss an opportunity to share them with you all. Nike+ Run Club is essentially a runner’s version of the above app. It has comprehensive programs to get you ready for any race, whether it be a 5k or a marathon! You can track all parts of your journey, including distance, heart rate and speed, so that you can make changes to a workout based on what you know about your body. Even better, you’ll be able to see the progress you’ll be making, and connect your Apple Music or Spotify accounts, which is always good for motivational purposes.

Fitness Builder (Free with optional upgrades)

5 Fitness Apps

The Fitness Builder App is best for those looking to get fit with lifting weights and taking on other strength exercises. Like many of the other apps on this list, you can start a plan and track your progress. Even better, this app specifies workouts that require no equipment, so these workouts are easy to do at home, in the park, or anywhere that will get your blood flowing.

Moves by ProtoGeo (Free)


5 Fitness Apps

This Moves app is super simple, and takes the most simple, natural forms for people who may have an injury or condition that makes them unable to do strenuous activity. It’s less of a fitness “guide” or “coach” and more of a smart pedometer. Many people trying to lose weight and get fit don’t realize that walking and cycling (which can be very fun!) are great ways to get daily exercise in without committing extra time. “I don’t have time to workout,” should never be an excuse in today’s world, when bicycling is becoming safer and more popular everywhere. Walking, or taking your bike to work will help you be a healthier you, and also cut down on carbon emissions! This app is also a great alternative for Android users who don’t have access to the Health app on iPhone, which I’ll talk about last.

Apple Health (Free)

5 Fitness Apps
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Regardless of the huge debate between Apple and Android, one thing I can assure you Apple did right was this Apple Health App. Anyone with an iPhone has access to it and it’s one of the apps that is not able to be deleted off of your mobile device. What’s a better reminder to workout than having the Health app staring you in the face whenever you go to open Instagram? However, Health is great for other reasons too. It covers all aspects of Health, including exercise, sleep cycles, mental health, reproductive health and more! Many of the apps listed in this article are easily linkable to the Health app, and will put the data collected from it to good use in your daily recommended workouts. Also try connecting your Apple Watch, if you have one! It can serve as a pedometer, measure your heart rate and so much more!

Please remember that these apps are useless unless you do your part! A single app is not the only factor in your success. In fact, the biggest factor is your personal determination to work hard enough to get real results. Hopefully these apps will make your daily workouts less avoidable, and more enjoyable!

5 Fitness Apps
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  2. Terez - Lace-up Print Leggings - $54
  3. Ziyue - Fitness Jump Rope, $7.60
  4. Tonatti - Fitness Gloves, $16
  5. Adidas by Stella McCartney - Media Arm Pouch, $45
  6. Kate Spade - Glitter Water Bottle, $30
  7. Bare Republic - Eco-Active UV Protecting Dry Shampoo, $14
  8. Spiritual Gangster -Hamsa Tank, $54
  9. Steven Wilson - Karl Lagerfeld Baseball Cap, $69
  10. 2(X)IST - Racerback Sports Bra, $38
  11. Belus - Resistance Bands with Carrying Bag, Video & eBook, $13
  12. Nike - Swoosh Gym Vintage Hoodie, $60
  13. Gettigear - Oyster Performance Leggings, $78
  14. Jack Black - Dragon Ice Relief & Recovery Balm, $23
  15. Glossier - Milky Jelly Cleanser, $18
  16. Nike - Crew Shorts, $35
  17. Dermalogica - Active Moist, Oil-Free Moisturizer, $40
  18. Happy Plugs - Bluetooth Headphones, $90
  19. Tory Burch - Fitbit Metallic Hinged Bracelet, $195
  20. Fitbit - Flex 2 Fitness Tracker, $100
  21. Way 2 Cool - Micro Cooling Towel, $18
  22. Nike - Free RN Sneakers, $130
  23. Ted Baker London - Butterfly 3-Pack Travel Pouch, $75
  24. Ban.do - "After This We're Getting Pizza" Gym Bag, $28




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